Wednesday, October 2, 2013

1. why does leadership matter? relational and servant leadership
2.Three things I learned:
a) I learned who my mentor is! I'm so excited, we are meeting tomorrow for lunch to just talk and stuff!
b) I learned about process thanks to Nick, I don't think I can forget it now
c) I learned that a lot of people dropped the program, but I'm glad the people that stayed did.
3. I connect most with inclusion; I think because throughout my high school career I was not included and the leaders at my school were not good servant leaders.
4. I was super excited about the retreat, but I was most anxious to learn more about my fellow FLI members.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1. Introduction, Team Building, and Schedule
2. a) I learned that we get to go on a retreat
b) I finally had a chance to meet someone else who was not only from out of state but also from Illinois!
c) I found out that the next meeting is September 13th in room 314 of the Student Union.
3. Hey, my name is Bailey Counts I moved into my grandmother's house this summer, she lives just an hour or so away from Bowling Green. She's really happy to have me closer too. I am really looking forward to getting involved in life here on campus. On the other hand though I am a little cautious of getting too overwhelmed. One of my goals for this semester is to make some new friends, like a lot; and to get out of having a little group that I always hang out with.
4. My definition of leadership would be to take charge, even if your not really sure of yourself, and to be confident in what you do.
5. I made some friends on my floor! Mac-Party!